How many of us have watched John Wayne ride off into the sunset after sorting out the town’s bad guys and thought, I want to be like that?

Or have immersed into the character of Ripley or Vasquez, as they saved the Universe? Maybe you’d prefer to be Tom Cruise or Charlize Theron and really kick some bad guys’ butts?

In 2007 the author’s attention was caught by a lady interviewer probing a victim of human trafficking on the radio. John found it hard to believe that a young girl had been kidnapped from her home and forced into prostitution by a gang in modern day UK.

By the end he was asking himself why isn’t something effective being done about this rapidly growing problem?

That’s when Bobby ‘Chuck’ Blake and the rest of the good guy team were born.

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing – Edmund Burke

The world needs heroes to fight back. Good guys with commitment and a strong sense of purpose, who are not afraid of bending the rules a little to ensure that evil cannot proliferate. The trafficked victims require good female role models to encourage them to fight back.

In Chuck’s world, the good guys are fighting back, and to defeat evil sometimes they have to do bad things. By nature of the fact that this is modern day slavery, the content is R rated – as one of the reviewers of Svetna, the first book in the saga said, “No fluffy bunnies here.”

You have been warned!

We’re going to kill them all. Because once it starts, then it won’t stop until either we’re all dead, or they are.


What a Great Read!

Hadn’t heard of this author before reading this book but I’m really glad I found out about him after reading it. Fantastic book which gripped from start to finish.


I Was Held Spellbound!

A Very suprising read. Not at all what the cover suggests. I was held spellbound by the well written horror and although frightened at what the outcome may be, I was compelled to read on.


What an Awesome Book

The pace starts fast and then speeds up. Yes it’s violent and sexy, but Svetna deals with a very serious subject – sex slavery, and the reader is left in no doubt about the nightmare world in which these poor victims are forced to live. The villains really are evil as the caption states and to stop them, the good guys have to do some pretty bad things.

Of course the women are devastating… If you like your books fast and furious, violent and sexy, then you’ll love it…


Outstanding – Perhaps the Best Book I’ve Ever Read!

Simply you have to get a copy of this book. I have never been into thrillers or novels for that matter but now I am hooked. Svetna is the only book I can recall that captivated me so much that I literally couldn’t put it down and rearranged my schedule to continue reading it. At every opportunity – between meetings, at lunch, through the night – and now its finished. What on earth am I going to do now??? It will make you cry, it will make you smile, it will horrify you and it will want make you take action… buy it.


Simply Awesome!!!

This novel exudes the sort of high grade competence found in an episode of the Sopranos. Slick and skill fully paced, extremely violent, with an anti hero that makes Lee Child’s Jack Reacher look like a schoolgirl! There’s only two reasons to put this book down – you’ve finished, or you’re cleaning up your lunch!!! A MUST READ!


First of Many

Better than the cover would suggest, no fluffy bunnies hear, just unforgiving vengeance from a man who can’t help but use his skills in the only way he knows how a romping good read for a first book, looking forward to the rest of the trilogy.


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